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    Young Theatre 1 year ago

    Just random posts

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    Irina Furdui 1 year ago

    Hi, we have a question/suggestion. For the first workshop here in Romania, 17-19 november, could we make the workshop with more persons than the 2 new trainers?

    We were thinking that all the exercises would work better with more than 4 peolpe involved. It's important to try and play all the exercises and in order to make that possible we need a bigger team. But of course the goal of the workshop is to train the rest of our team effectively.

    Looking forward to your answear. Hugs! 

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    Paul Murray 1 year ago

    Hi Irina,

    I hope you are doing well! I was thinking the same thing and would idelly invite a few more people just to make it a bit more realistic.


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    Tijana Kesic 1 year ago

    Hi both of you.... if anybody reads this please give us the permission to invite more people to the workshops, just for fun at least....

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    Urša Strehar Benčina 1 year ago

    Yey, posts! <3 :D Sorry for the late response - we had holidays last week and I managed to get some time off - such a bliss :) So, we were actually thinking about same thing - doing excerises with smaller groups is a whole new challenge, so that would be more than welcomed - I do advise you to have groups up to 8 people, so everyone can participate actively ;) And of course invite people, that can make use of the knowledge :) Sooo looking forward to our next gathering <3

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