IMPROV in Elk for teachers

IMPROV in Elk for teachers

EŁk presented improv to future participants.

As improv is not very known in Elk, Elk Culture Centre decided to take some more time and put more effort into presenting improv to future participants of Module 3 workshops and making them more comfortable in the subject.

Headmasters of local schools got the letters with general information about the project, introducing improv and benefits it can bring to kids but also to the teachers themselves.
Being very humble by nature :) we didn’t expect so much interest – 32 teachers came and played improv together with our trainers – Mirka Krymska, Wiktor Malinowski, Paul Bargetto and Grzegorz Sierzputowski.

First the teachers tried improv and check if they like it and could use it in their work. 31 of them decided to participate later on other Young Theatre meetings.
Great success!

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