Interim meeting completed

Interim in Romania successfully executed

From 19th to 21st of January all project partners' coordinators and all 16 trainers gathered in Romania on an Interim meeting. The main goal was to reflect the work so far and discuss and decide about the specific content of Modules 2 and 3.

A lot of time was devoted to presentations of all partners on how well educational and cultural field cooperate in each partner country. It is obvious that this project is just a start and that objectives and final goals are now growing bigger - to influence educational system to include more culture in the life of the young and young in the culture.

The discussions were lively and intense, in the end all partner countries realised that they have more freedom in execution of Modules 2 and 3 as they thought in the beginning and they can make it even more their own.
As is now usual, we had »active breaks«, where we were playing games and exercises we use in our impro work, to keep us connected, playful and alert.

It was definitely the best part of the meeting! There was some time devoted to structure of brochure 2 and 3 - Handbooks for the professionals and teachers, so now we are already working on that. Preview coming soon!

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  • Thalia Teatro