M2 Serbia short report

The professional training weekend of the Young Theatre project in Belgrade took place this weekend 10th and 11th of February at the Children's Cultural Centre.

After M2 meeting in Belgrade we gathered some impressions.

The mix of participants was most pleasing and everybody worked together in an atmosphere of fun and concentration. I have to commend the work of our facilitating expert Staša who lead the work with energy and inspiration, letting everybody time to express themselves and lead parts of the work with their own exercises. The final performance/competition in which two teams of professionals competed against each other was most useful to me as I had never witnessed this type of use of Improv before and I believe it was very useful experience for all who performed in and witnessed it.

(Mr. Paul Murray, PhD)

I enjoyed the M2 very much, because we were in a unique opportunity to train and to be trained. I was afraid before the event over how and whether our professionals would accept the impro theatre methodology. However, we all relaxed very quickly and through games and laughter we worked and learned a lot.

(Mrs. Tijana Kesić Stamenković)

There were no problems or difficulties regarding impro exercises. We followed the handbook and, of course, Staša really helped us. To my great satisfaction, we had an Impro Match and it was really funny. There was a lot of laughter, good energy, entertainment and also serious work and very good ideas. It is important that everyone was very positive after the workshop and eager to apply new experiences.

(Mrs. Marija Blagojević)

The workshop for professionals went great. I think that they really had fun. The handbook that we provided was really useful because if they can`t remember some exercise that we did, and they want to include that exercise in their work they can just open and remember everything. My impression was that everything was well explained and that they really understood what the goal of this project is.

(Mrs. Julija Nogić)

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