Module 2 in Elckie Centrum Kultury

Workshops for theatre professionals - Module 2 April 7th-8th 2018

On the first weekend of April a group of theatre professionals met in Ełk to practice and develop their improvisation skills and techniques. 20-hour workshops were led by two “Young theatre” trainers – Paul Bargetto and Grzegorz Sierzputowski who, apart from a wide variety of improve games, used two methods in their work:

Ensemble Based Composition

A deepened work on composition in which instead of imposing the director’s vision on the passive actors they are offered participation in the process of show composition. The group/team is regarded as a unique, active participant of the process. Relations and interactions between the actors are an important source of inspiration for further work on the show.
A method of acting created in the 70s by Mary Overlie and Anne Bogart – two choreographers from New York. During this workshop the participants learn about team work on elements of show composition. The practice is mainly based on movement improvisation.

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