Romanian M1 part I. finished!

Romanian trainers about M1 meeting.

This weekend Romanian Team had the First Module of Young Theatre Project “Train the Trainer” at the Comic Opera for Children. Let`s take a look at what our theatre trainers had to say about it:

We had such a great time for the last three days! Being the one who had to explain the exercises and sometimes watch others play them, was really interesting and challenging; it helped me understand the techniques even better. Looking forward to do this again!
(Theodora Munteanu, Theatre Trainer)

It was a great experience. We knew each other from before, but during these days we discovered a new energy and so many ways of creating, failing, learning to trust each others, learning how to explain, how to listen and observe. The best side effect was probably sheer enjoyment - from getting connected to the activity and the other people involved.
(Irina Furdui, Theatre Trainer)

The exercises we did these three days were so much fun and eye-opening towards impro theatre and how it really helps you explore your personality and creativity. Good energy, nice people and lots of impro!
(Daniel Manea, Theatre Trainer)

In the last few days we discovered the weekend through children's eyes with lots of improvisation exercises at the Children Opera for Children! Our trainees embraced with energy and lots of laughter all the impro techniques, we made new friends and became more and more in love with theater. Can't wait to share all this with you!
(Irina Slate, Theatre Trainer)

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