Visit from Turkey and Estonia

Pionirski dom had a visit.

We are very happy and excited about the path our project is taking.

After finding the project on the internet, the representative of VitaTiim contacted us and we arranged a study meeting in Pionirski dom!

VitaTiim organised a training for the teachers and school education staff from Turkey in Slovenia from 16 till 23 of April 2018. The topic of the training was inclusion of the disadvantaged youth through creative drama methods. The group visited Pionirski dom, where we introduced them to our institution, showed them our building and, of course, presented our project and activities and let them know more about our work with the youth using drama methods.

It is surely a beginning of another wonderful cooperation and we are looking forward to joining our forces and creating new opportunities for implementation of impro and drama techinques.

You can find more about VitaTiim here.

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