Children's Cultural Centre Belgrade

Children's Cultural Center Belgrade (CCCB) is a cultural institution with a tradition of over six decades. It was founded by the City of Belgrade in 1952 as the Pionirski dom. In 1995 was renamed Children’s Cultural Center Belgrade.

Many generations grew up with its programmes and festivals, which left a significant mark on Belgrade’s culture. Today, CCCB hosts all kinds of cultural events. In our studios, children have the opportunity to create freely and work on projects they are interested in, with the help and guidance of professionals. Major events and festivals organised by CCCB today are: FEDEHO – Children’s Choir Festival, Children’s Dance Meetings, KIDIKEM - National Festival of Children's Video Clips, children's music festivals – DEMUS and FEDEMUS, Professional Music Festival ”Children’s Belgrade Spring“ etc. CCCB is the Republic of Serbia's reference institution for international cooperation in the field of children's arts and culture and the organiser of the biggest children's event in the country and region of south-east Europe "Joy of Europe Festival".

Main goals and missions of the organisation

Although organisational forms were changing, the essence of work at CCCB was always focused on the affirmation of children’s creativity and their personal development. CCCB preserves everything that is good and supplements it with modern methods of work, respecting the changes that arose in the wishes of its users. CCCB directs them to acquire the need for artistic experience and knowledge. CCCB’s aim is to strengthen its leadership position in the national system of children’s cultural institutions and to maintain the attendance of 150,000 annually.

Main activities of the organisation

CCCB directs its activities primarily to the primary target group, children and youth as well as their parents and other participants in the development of cultural needs. Activities are organised within its premises and elsewhere, in cooperation with cultural institutions and schools from urban and suburban municipalities. In the execution of its annual programme, CCCB cooperates with public and NGO associations and organisations through various arts and educational projects. Special attention is paid to programmes for marginalised and vulnerable groups of children and youth.

How will the project contribute to and enrich the activities of your organisation?

By participating in the project, CCCB is working to create a new theatrical audience and connect young people interested in the art of theatre through workshops and also to provide them with a good overview of youth theatre creations in the country, as well as in other partner countries. By collaborating internationally, CCCB plays an important role in the social life of Belgrade and Serbia: the younger generations are learning European cultural values in the country, which is a candidate for accession to the European Union.

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