ELK Culture Centre

Ełckie Centrum Kultury (ECK) is the biggest and oldest culture institution in Elk District, established on the basis of the Inter-Enterprise Clubroom founded in 1949, and subsequently transformed into a culture house.

ECK is now a self-governing cultural institution, supervised by the President of Ełk, with the regular staff of more than 40 people – instructors, technical crew, cinema crew, promotion and administrative staff, who are supported by temporarily employed artists and experts.

In recent years, ECK has undergone significant changes, both in its appearance and its internal structure and activity. These changes were brought about by a changing pattern of participation in culture, new needs among audiences, and better opportunities for cooperation with international partners.
According to its statute, ECK carries out tasks in the field of cultural education, education through art and the promotion of culture and arts. Its fields of activity include theatre, folk dance and music, film, art exhibitions, organisation of artistic events and regular art classes in its department – Arts School.
Every year ECK is visited by thousands of people.

Main goals and missions of the organisation

ECK is a cultural institution with the general aim to educate through culture and art. To achieve this aim, ECK makes an effort to create the need in society to actively participate in culture, to create conditions for the development of amateur art initiatives and to integrate the local community and support local cultural undertakings.
In their daily activity, ECK closely cooperates with schools, NGOs and public institutions to better address the needs of various social groups.

Main activities of the organisation

ECK carries out cultural education and animation in various fields and at various levels. 
The cinema offers regular film education. 30-Minutes-Theatre and its amateur actors regularly prepare new productions. Special interest in ECK is given to traditional dance and music. The Masurian Dance and Song Ensemble “Ełk” participates in international folk festivals and workshops around the world. 
One of the ECK departments - Arts School offers workshops covering many channels of artistic expression: dance, painting, drawing, ceramics, model-making, music, theatre, and the use of new technologies.
ECK also organises cultural events – concerts, exhibitions, festivals.

How will the project contribute to and enrich the activities of your organisation?

“Young theatre” will probably be the biggest and most prestigious project ECK has ever participated in. It also presents an exceptional opportunity to develop new skills and a new field of expertise – improvisational theatre. This will help to tighten the relationship between ECK and other persons and organisations from the region and also internationally – for educational and cultural institutions, theatre professionals and experts.
The instruction tools that will be developed in the project will support ECK in their activity in the future.

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