On Module 2 artist - trainers will introduce the newly developed impro/dance audience development programme to the theatre and dance professionals. The programme will be tested and put up for comments and improvements, and the discussion about the methodology of cultural education of theatre and dance will take place.

Module 2

On 18th of February Module 2 workshop for professionals was executed in Pionirski dom. It gathered together some of the notable individuals from the contemporary dance, improvisational theatre, theatre and pedagogical cultural work. The group was really diverse, from dancers that are working in non-government society and individuals that are self-employed in culture, to improvisational theatre professionals, employees of state or municipality that are working in the cultural departments, professor from Pedagogic faculty Ljubljana etc. The atmosphere was incredible - playful, relaxed, ready and open. First part was introduction of what we do and who we are, which was very interesting to listen to. We got to get some very useful information about participant’s work, projects, visons and goals; which at the end of the day are very similar to all of us present. The team of artist trainers introduced some exercises to our Module 2 participants. They started with warming-up our bodies and then get through all four parts of our Young Theatre on the Move programme. They mixed and matched creative movement with improvisational theatre and in the end made a fusion of both artistic fields. There was a great discussion about benefits of the proposed programme and what it is lacking. There was also a discussion about young audience development and how to educate children and youth, but also people that work with them (teachers, pedagogues, etc.). And the common answer to the question “What kind of audience do we want?” at the end of this Module was:  open, curious, sensible, creative, active, critical, authentic, brave, relaxed.


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