On Module 3 the now tested and improved programme will be passed on the very important cultural operators for the culture education of the young: pedagogues, teachers and youth workers. The idea is to give them practical knowledge of both artistic fields that they can include into their regular work with children and the young.

Module 3

Module 3 workshops for pedagogues and youth workers took place at Pionirski dom in Ljubljana on 8th and 9th of February 2020.
On Saturday we divided participants into four groups. Each group was led by one of our artist trainer. They covered all four programme fields and each was for an hour and half long. The participants during the day circled from one workshop to the other. So, the artist trainers had to execute the same workshop for four times in a row.
On Sunday the artist trainers worked in pairs (one impro and one dance trainer together). We divided participants into two groups and again they rotated between the workshops. Two trainers covered the topic of preparing the performer on the performance (body, mind and soul) and another two trainers worked on the preparation of the spectator (how to observe and behave).

The first group covered the topic of how to prepare performer for the performance – how to relax, how to step into the role and how to step out of it, how to warm up the speech apparatus and how to encourage creative energy.
The second group was focusing on the discussion  about audience perspective. With practical exercises we’ve opened up many conversations about how we should prepare audience before the performance and what to do after. In the end we’ve all agreed that the key factor to audience development is experience. It has become clear that it is very important for teachers and mentors to educate the audience, to realize that preparation and reflection are very important and that theatre and dance are arts that provide a great opportunity to talk about life in general.

Overall the participants got useful tools and information that will help them create, prepare, inspire and expand their knowledge and work.

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