On Module 2 artist - trainers will introduce the newly developed impro/dance audience development programme to the theatre and dance professionals. The programme will be tested and put up for comments and improvements, and the discussion about the methodology of cultural education of theatre and dance will take place.

Module 2

On 18th January, 2020 Elk Culture Centre executed Module 2 workshop – for professionals. 14 people took part in it, professionals in dance and theatre, representing culture centres, informal groups, associations, or individual artists – from Ełk, Warszawa, Węgorzewo, Augustów, Łomża, Białystok, Olecko and Kętrzyn.
The workshop had three goals, all of them even in terms of importance. Firstly, we wanted to gather and get to know people from the region, active in the fields of dance or theatre, working in their local communities but open to cooperation with others. Secondly, we wanted to present to them what we learned in Ljubljana, to pass this knowledge on to them, practice impro together and combine it with the elements of movement. And thirdly, we hoped for exchange of ideas that we could use further in the project.

We started the workshop with presentation of the participants and the project “Young Theatre on the Move”, explaining the idea of audience development that lies behind it. Then the “real” workshop followed – games and exercises.
From the evaluation forms that the participants filled in after the workshop we know that they learned new things that they will be able to use in their work, that they hope for more workshops of that kind. Some of the participants are already on the participant list for the Module 2+3 workshop in May 2020.

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