On Module 3 the now tested and improved programme will be passed on the very important cultural operators for the culture education of the young: pedagogues, teachers and youth workers. The idea is to give them practical knowledge of both artistic fields that they can include into their regular work with children and the young.

Module 3

During Saturday February 22nd and Sunday February 23rd, Children's Cultural Center Belgrade exetuted Module 3 – Workshop for Pedagogues  of YOUNG THEATRE ON THE MOVE project. The workshop was attended by 32 pedagogues from institutions or organizations working with children and youth, together with the project management members and the official CCCB photographer. The workshop included 16 hours of activities including introductory part, four sessions of practical work and the open discussion about the topic cincerning the theoretical and research aspect of the project. The theme of the workshop was the methodology of developing creative movement in children through the principles of improvisation, with the aim of practical application in work with children and young people within the daily educational and cultural activities of educators and other professionals close to this field. The aim is to develop sensibilities and interest in contemporary play, improvisation in the art play and movement theater, so that they become a useful tool in the skill range of any educator trying to impart their knowledge and values to children and young people.

The workshop was led by: Ivana Tabori Obradović - stage editor of the Children's Cultural Center Belgrade, Dragana Stanisavljevic - choreographer and educator of the DKCB Ballet Studio, Dr. Paul Murray - director, actor, educator and founder of Belgrade English Language Theater and Tijana Kesić - actress, drama educator of the NTC system and founder of the "Kesić Art Workshop". The participants were dance and drama educators, preschool teachers, teachers and teachers of primary and secondary schools, as well as pedagogues engaged in non-governmental organizations and citizen associations.

In addition to the students from Belgrade, there were colleagues from Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Titel, Paracin, Cuprija, Leskovac, as well as Slovakia and Greece. The program of the workshop consisted of a theoretical introductory part, which included introduction to the project and methodology of work, a practical part in which the participants were introduced to the skills and exercises, as well as final discussions on various topics related to the project implementation and implementation of the Young Theater on the methodology Move in practical work with children.

Each participant received a Work Manual containing specific exercises and games in the field of dance improvisation and creative movement.

The participants in general expressed very strong will to take part in all future project activities. The Serbian project team got the invitation to present project in Theatre Festival for children and youth »Matter Terra 2020«. The final discussion was about what can be done to support the development of drama education and interest in theatre  and what competitive steps can be taken to  make changes in the current cultural and educational situation in Serbia. Conclusion of the workshop emphasised the roll of this project as a example of the good practise and the specific action aimed to support of fulfilment of the audience development goal.

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