On Module 3 the now tested and improved programme will be passed on the very important cultural operators for the culture education of the young: pedagogues, teachers and youth workers. The idea is to give them practical knowledge of both artistic fields that they can include into their regular work with children and the young.

Module 3

Module 3 workshop in Ełk took place on 22-23 February. 31 participants represented kindergartens, schools and other organizations from Ełk, Suwałki, Wydminy, Węgorzewo, Olecko. About 30% of the participants were teachers who already had some experience in impro – from the project “Young Theatre”, they are with us actually from the beginning of our impro adventure. The rest was new to the subject so a decision was taken to divide the group into two – beginners and advanced. Both groups started to work separately but then they joined forces again and continued working together.
It was the first workshop after a major change in our trainer team – 2 new people joined in – but the cooperation was very smooth and successful in the end which was confirmed in the evaluation forms that the participants filled in after the workshop. The participants were very enthusiastic and willing to continue with impro, they want more training, regular meetings.
The workshop was definitely a success, it was great to see happiness and satisfaction, to hear enthusiasm that is very promising before next workshop that will take place in May.

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